Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visits with Santa

We took Jack to see Santa twice this year...once with my sisters and mom to Willow Bend Mall where Santa hid in the Polar Express and then again in McKinney with Jeff's dad and step-mom where Santa was among the Dickens on the Square festivities. It was always part of our family tradition growing up to take our picture with Santa...and there was always someone crying! Thanksfully Jack didn't even notice who was holding him so we made it through with no tears. I'm sure we won;t be so lucky every year! Hopefully Jack made the 'nice' list!

Many Firsts

Although the hardest I've ever done was to return to work after Jack was here, I was thankful to not miss too many of his 'first' moments...I am blessesd to know that I won't have to go back to school anymore!
Eating cereal - what a mess!
Drink sweet tea - not really! Memaw what a tease!!
To read a book - an AGGIE book!
Bounce in the swing at Yaya & Granddaddy's house
Find our feet
Learn to roll over
Sit in our bumbo chair

A Thankful November

This month we celebrate all that we have to be thankful for...
Our salvation in Christ, our sweet families, friends, laughter, a plentiful table, the changing weather and beautiful trees, our health, fun music that makes you smile, freedom from want, and of course time to spend with the ones you love...

Thanksgiving - such a wonderful time with family!

The Eagles concert with my sisters and Mom & Dad - so much fun!! We danced and sang to our favorites from childhood!

Life Group girlfriends

Susan G. Komen 3-Day Dallas with Aunt Laura, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Amy

Happy Halloween with our little Jack-O-Lantern

This year we joined the rest of the McDonnell crew and went to the Scare on the Square in downtown McKinney. We had a ball seeing all the kids in their costumes...and some adults who wished they were still kids! It was a bit hot - so Jack had to stick to his pumpkin bib and then once we got to Memaw and Pepaw's home we got to show off his 'real' costume! Of course we couldn't pass on his skeleton pj's - his Uncle Bo had some just like it!