Friday, December 31, 2010

I love you Lord song

Here is Jack singing "I love you Lord" song while playing in his tent. I have sung this to him since he was an infant. About two weeks ago he sang it back to me just before bedtime. The tears were flowing! Sorry it's a little hard to see, but enjoy his sweet, sweet sounds!

"I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you...oh my soul, rejoice. Take joy my King, in what you hear, may it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas morning!

Welcome to part one of our Christmas Christmas. My parents, Nana and Aunt Amy stayed up very late on Christmas Eve (our Christmas morning) so they could watch Jack open up his gifts from Santa and them. We had an early morning so that we would have time as a family before going to the kids' houses. We went in to wake Jack up and he was soo tired. When Jeff said, "Good morning Son," he didn't hardly move...then when Jeff said, "do you want to see what Santa brought you?" Jack shot up from bed and shouted "OKAY!" with complete joy! When hurried downstairs to say hi to the family and then to see what Santa brought...
 Our little tree; Jack running in to say hi to my parents, Nana and Aunt Amy

 Opening up his stocking...

 First sighting of SPINTOPS!!!
 Luuuk Grandy and Yaya, spintops!!
 Such joy...I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child...isn't that a gift of Christmas!
 Santa also brought a little Woody and Buzz figures...that fit perfectly into the wooden firetruck made by the elves in Santa's workshop!
 Playing for the family
 Another spintop! Santa brought 3 of them!
Who knew what delight some wood could bring a little boy!

 A card Nana sent with a 3D Santa...Jack loved it!

 Santa also brought a light up Rudolph nose
 Mr. Potato Head from Aunt Amy and Uncle Chad

 Who's that?!
 After opening up a bunch this morning, we had to hurry up and run out the door to deliver gifts to the kids. We decided to put Jack into his Santa suit. However, it was raining and Jack just had to wear his fireman boots and he wore it all...Christmas pjs, Fireman boots and coat over the Santa suit!
 In the afternoon Jack said this guys looked like his Grandy! you dad!
 The big gift Jack got was from Yaya and Grandy...a TONKA tent...He loves it!
 Peek a boo!
 Skyping with Memaw, Pepaw, Sean, Elizabeth, Connor, Paige and Ethan...among many other family! We love skype but love the families even more. So glad we could be a part of so many Christmases!!!
After church we came home and opened up a few more gifts from Aunt Laura, Uncle Chad and Ellebelle, as well as Memaw and Pepaw...he got some wind-up toys....just like Memaw and Pepaw have! Thank you to everyone who made Jack's (and our) Christmas so special! We love you!

Getting ready for Christmas: Friday

On Friday we dropped off a gift by Laura's house, Jack's babysitter and "big sister." He affectionately refers to her as "Mista Wawa." We are so thankful to have her in our lives! Her brother, Paul, is one of the educators at Casa AnaNadia.  
 Jack loved playing with their bunny rabbit and kitty cat!
 Jack gave Mista Wawa a framed picture of them at their church Christmas concert. Laura can sing like an angel. We loved watching her sing, especially Jack.She can also play the trumpet...and Jack loved getting to "play" it afterwards.  So precious!

 That night we took Jack with us and the AnaNadia kids caroling, a Romanian tradition. Jack and I tagged along to two houses. He loved it!

 Playing under the tree with Daniela
 Doina gave Jack a cup a Fanta just his size...then he decided to dance off all the sugar!
 Jeff singing with the boys outside of Vio's house
 Jack and I came home just in time for Grandy to read us the "Night Before Christmas" book..a tradition in my family. Since Jeff couldn't be there, it was special to have my dad read it! What would we do without skype!!
 He loves this book!
Afterwards, Jack decided to recite the book back to us. It was a special moment with mom, dad and I! Then we talked about how important tomorrow was in the celebration of Jesus' birth...and off to bed he went. I had a bit more wrapping to do to get ready for Christmas morning!

Getting ready for Christmas: Thursday

On Thursday we had our kids Christmas party. We had a great time! Here are a few pics from our scavenger hunts through town. Check out the livada blog for more pics of the party!
 Levi, Daniela, Geza, Janos, Ibi, Krisztina and Zsofia dancing at the citate
 Stefan, Bela, Eniko, Sergiu, Kati and Anna playing leap frog at the park
 Emese, Daniel, Kati, Istvan, Zorro, Fanel, Dita and Laura on the slide at the park
 We finally found a Santa at the mall! We had taken Jack here before dressed as Santa, but this time there was a REAL Santa! Jack was so excited to see him in person! Such joy! He didn't run up to him, but after a few waves hello he got the courage to sit in his lap for a few seconds to tell him what he really wanted for guesses it...spintops!
 "I want spintops Santa!...peasssssse!"
 Cheese! I am not sure who was more excited to see a Santa, me or Jack. Last year we missed him entirely and I wanted a pic of Jack with him each year..we made it just in time!
Afterwards Santa gave Jack this creepy skeleton hand toy...only in Romania! Merry Christmas!

Center lights

This is our "downtown," or the center as we call it. They always have lots and lots of light up at Christmas and New Years. There is an ice skating rink, the snowmen and this year they added little booths that sell warm cider and hot desserts to keep you all toasty! Before Christmas there was a Santa sleigh that you can ride for a dollar around the center. It is very festive and fun!

Jack in the center

"What did you ask Santa for Jack?"
"Spin tops!!"

Going to the center to see the lights: Wednesday night

On Wednesday night we took Jack in town to see the lights. It was above freezing, so we thought we'd seize the opportunity to see Santa while we could! Videos to come...
 Riding on Santa's sleigh. Jack was so excited to see Santa, but didn't want to get too close!

 They have snowmen and a moose all lit up around the tree. So much fun for toddlers!

 The tree
 The moose
 Watching the ice skaters in town
 At the end of our night Jack got up the courage to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, spin tops! Too bad Santa only spoke Romanian!