Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Zoo in TM

Last Saturday week took two of the boys, Fanel and Bella, to the Tg Mures zoo. This is a typical zoo in some ways...you can see lions, tigers, bears, birds, fish, and other sorts of animals...but then there are some things that are a little different than zoos back home...like you can nearly touch all the animals, you can see the entire animal carcus of the poor thing that provided lunch the lions, the horses roaming freely in the park, roosters with peacocks and gunieas all in the same cage, and the very large snakes that are behind glass cages with cracks in them! It was a great day though! The weather was wonderful, the leaves are falling and it wasn't too crowded. Jack loved watching the boys run, skip and talk to the animals. We are blessed to be here bonding with these kids!
The boys
Jack and the bears...don't worry, objects are not as close as they appear!

Fanel loved telling us in English that his family is here at the zoo..that his brothers were the monkeys! Silly boy! Had to put this picture in. Not a great one...but a great story. We were trying to get a shot with the camels, but just as Jeff took the picture the camel walked over, reached his head over the fence and nibbles at my side...I jumped and screamed...and so did the rest of us. Not funny Jeff..he just stood there watching and laughing! He knew it was coming. Too bad he didn't get it on film:)

My new friend..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A trip to see family

This week we took Sergiu to see his brothers, Daniel and Madelin, who live in other towns about an hour away. He loved getting a chance to check in on them and just say hi! Jeff hopes to take them all fishing soon. Jack loved getting to be with Sergiu all day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

14 months and walking!

I'm a big kid now! On October 1st...just after he turned 14 months...our little man took his first steps all by himself. He had "dabbled" in walking for months...but he just took off at our favorite park, the plateau. He was after another child's toy and didn't look back. No, he didn't get to have the toy, but he was sure proud of himself! I wish I could show you the video, but I don't know how to do it on blog! Anyway...I love these pics of our Jackster playing and wanting to be just like his daddy! He is full of words, growing like crazy, well loved, happy, loves to make others smile, good with the kids...just a joy and delight! We are very, very blessed by him and thankful to God everyday for giving us such a gift. We love you more than words Jack...mommy & daddy

Our new favorite RO town!

Sibiu is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from TM. What a treat to have our house staff retreat in such a fun town. Although we have been here over many summers and seen many tourist sites, we had never been to Sibiu. We went to a recreated village of old Romanian homes on a lake...and then went into town for lunch, a little bit of business, toured a museum...and just people watched with the pigeons in the plaza with gelato! It was so nice to get away and get to know the mentors, educators, moms, drivers and directors..all who have such a powerful impact on the kids of Livada. We are blessed to work with an incredible group of people of love these children.

Inside an old school room/home. Thankfully this is not where we live today!

Feeding the birds and watching the water fountains! Jack's favorites!
Our house staff in front of the lake

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Budapest, Hungary

These pictures are a little out of order from our trip, but it gives you an idea of what we did! We went to Budapest for a 3-Day bonding time with the Director Staff of Livada. We had only been in RO for 2 weeks before the trip, but were so thankful to be here...Even if we couldn't understand what they said half of the time!
The picture above is of Jack pushing all the buttons on our bus tour! Some of the team on the Danube boat tour

Trying to find our way

Looking at the Chain bridge at night - beautiful!

Roadside stop with Jack in his pjs...cool enough for a sweatshirt!

First day of touring family photo

On the river boat

On the bus tour!
Let's just say the pacifier and portable DVD player saved the day!

In front of the opera house...I think we were waiting for the bus to come!

Family pic at the end of our trip on the Daunbe River. Great company...fun stories...Love this town and hope to come back soon!