Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome November!

Here are a few pics from the past few weeks..welcome November!
Romanian farmhouse on the country road
Some of the leadership team working out our human knot!

Stefan loving his new roller blades

At the mall with Alina and Marga. Jack LOVES the cars at the mall!

Learning from Daniella

Showing off my precious hat made from Auntie Jill

Texting at 15 months!

Jeff pruning our "vineyard!"

October Fun

Here are a few snapshots of the month of October. This update is long overdue, but here you go! Its been a very busy crazy month. Fall is here, lots og change in the air and fun memories made.

Stefan's Birthday

Kati and Geza's Birthday

Girls' slumber party...both the boys are girls stayed up until 5am...
Jeff and I didn't make it that long!

Boys after a soccer game

Romanian Twister at the boys slumber party

At a concert with some Casa Rebecca kids

Jack loved it!

Now that he is walking and runnings...he is also climbing on everything! Never thought I'd see him trying to get INTO the playpen!

At the market buying a pumpkin...took us a month to find one!

Sitting on a bench outside the mall in Cluj...just after mom got a starbucks...yeah!!

Climbing again:)

Happy Halloween!

Dart Toss with Daniella

Potato sack races with Stefan

3-Legged Races with Kati and Levi

Candied Apples with Janos

Bobbing for apples and getting soaked in 40 degree weather!

The house gang...Happy Halloween!