Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

A Day in the Texas Bluebonnets...smelling, running, looking, playing in the pretty flowers

Day at an American Zoo

This weekend we took Jack to visit a zoo here in Texas. Jack loved seeing all the animals, riding the train, trying to catch the fish, feeding the birds, and sitting on Nana's lap while she drove the scooter! His favorite exhibits were the elephants, aquariums and flamingos...not to mention taking a ride on the horse with Granddaddy! It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

We were so lucky to have a family filled Easter weekend to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! We spent Saturday with my family and some of the in-laws outside in my parent's backyard for a cookout, Easter Egg hunt and just great fellowship! Then Sunday after church I took Jack over to Jeff's mom's house (sadly without Jeff!) to see his family. The cousins showed Jack how to crack open a confetti egg and play with bubbles! Then on Tuesday we had a playdate with the boys from our lifegroup. They all got to practice their egg hunting skills with each other...and there are 3 boys missing from the picture! It was a fun, rowdy, love filled weekend of worship and celebration of our Risen Lord!

Happy Easter everyone! J3

An update...

Many of you know the latest on what our family is doing, where were are and what is to come...but in case you don't, let me fill you in...

Jeff fell a few times this winter and for about a month, we thought the pain in his leg was from a pulled muscle or something...the on March 5th he went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't something else. The doc ordered an xray then suggested we see a neurologist and get an MRI on his lower back. He had that appointment on Friday, March 11th. After a month of severe pain and limitations in walking, lifting, etc, we founf out he had a large disc herniation in his lower back.

We called our insurance that weekend to talk over our options. The doctors in Romania suggested he fly home for immediate surgery and lifting, bending, etc were off limits. We sent our MRI film to docs here in the states and they all agreed her needed surgery. So, on Monday at 10pm our insurance called us back and said that they had us all on a flight booked for 3pm on Tuesday...the next day! We hurried to the houses to say good-bye to the kids, went home and pulled an all-nighter packing our bags and arranging our house to leave for 3 months! We have wonderful friends in Romania who helped us take care of Jack and all the many, many details, took us to the airport and saw us off. We were devestated to leave so suddenly and for such a long time. So many, many wonderful things were happening! Bible studies, kids coming to Christ, devotionals, etc! Camp plans were beginning, the kids vacation coming up, teams in town....so many things we were leaving undone for others to do.

We arrived in the Texas on St Patrick's Day greeted by lots of family - there was much rejoicing! Jeff had a spinal lumbar discectomy 2 weeks ago and is recovering nicely! He will start physical therapy this next week. We are thankful we were able to come back to have the surgery, for family to take us in so we weren't homeless and the many people who have jumped in to cook us meals, help with Jack and let us have time to relax and recover.

We miss and pray for our kids everyday. We are enjoying the time with family and friends back home and know its a blessing to have this extra time here. My sister, Amy, is getting married on June 5, so we will return on June 12 after Jeff has had almost 3 months to recover and after the wedding. So, there's your update! Please continue to pray for a swift and thorough recovery for Jeff's back - that he doesn't push too hard or fast and have a repeated herniation, for our family as they take care of us for 3 months, for the staff and kids in Romania who are filling ourr jobs while doing their own!, for finances to come in to cover our bills, for our minds and souls to find time to rest and relax while we are home!

Here are a few pictures of the night we went to tell the kids....some were upstairs pplaying dressup just before we got there:) Precious babies!!