Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowball fight!

Snowballs are delicious!

Snowball fight!!!
Poor Mama Julie! They are got her just as Jeff took the picture!

Making Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards for our families back home. Jack loved it and was quite sad when we were finished and had to take a bath!


Let it Snow!

This was our first day of snow...and Jack's first time in it! He eventually loved it and begged to go outside everyday!

What's on my hands.....
Get it off!!!!
Loving it!

Christmas cookies!

Baking Christmas cookies is always a fun family tradition Jeff has enjoyed since he was little. This year we made cookies for the kids teachers for their last day of school. We used American recipes, a real treat for them! The kids loved mixing, watching the cookies bake, and of course getting to eat a few once they were done!
Anna loves to cook and bake at Casa Rebecca!
Levi, supervising the cookies!
Bela baking away!
Laura making the perfect cookie
Sergui loves to make funny faces for the camera
Daniella's sticky fingers...they decided using hands was way more fun than using a spoon!
Fanel cleaning up!
Great job guys!


Yaya and Granddaddy sent Jack a children's nativity set for fun...Jack hasn't taken the donkey, sheep or cow out of his mouth since then! Thanks Yaya and "Gee!" i love you - jack

Trimming the Trees

On December 1st and 2nd we went to Casa Ana Nadia and Casa Rebecca to help trim the trees. With the Christmas music playing, the kids all rallied around to string the lights, place the garlands in the just the right places and hang the ornaments. Jack had so much fun playing with the "balls" of all different colors! It think throughout the month though he managed to take off most of the ornaments 3 feet and below on both trees! It was a great start to the Christmas season!
Emese hanging a few ornaments with Eniko
Daniella was so proud of the tree
Daniella, Marga and Laura
Fanel loved hanging the ornaments on the top of the tree

We are still here!

Yes, we are still here in Romania. Our apologies for not continuing to update our blog throughout December. It has been a very, very busy month. From daily activities with the kids for Advent, me being sick and in bed for almost 2 1/2 weeks and some time in the hospital, to keeping up with a 16 month old...there wasn't much time to update! But, here are a few of the highlights of the month. Enjoy and thank you for loving us and for all of your prayers! With love, Jen