Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jack and GusGus

Last fall, just after we moved, our neighbor's cat had a bunch of kittens. One of Jack's favorite things to do when he was just learning to talk was to go over to our front window and talk to the "kit-kats!" Now those cats had we have even more to talk to! The litter had 3 striped kittens and one that is mostly black. That one is full of courage and loves letting Jack love on him. She we named him GusGus from the sweet mouse on Cinderella. GusGus is Jack's new best friend. You can see the first time Jack met him, to playing with him in the yard, "feeding" him grapes, to watching them catch a mouse! Kind of ironic with the name and all....anyway, Jack loves GusGus. He even prays for him at night.
Please keep Jeff and Jack (and GusGus) in your prayers as I will be gone with the kids to the Black Sea this week. Then as soon as I come home, Jeff leaves with the other kids. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and good time with our kids! Blessings!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bombs away!

One of Jack's favorite things is flying airplanes, especially ones sent with love from Grandy! This is one of their shared past-times. This one was in his Thomas backpack from his birthday, but since Grandy couldn't be "with" us on skype, we saved it for another day. Jack was thrilled to open it up, put it together and learn to hold it just right so it would fly. He got pretty good at it just before we busted it! Thank you for the many sweet memories Dad...we love you! ps...Granddaddy's name has gradually shifted to Grandy over the past few months as Jack never could get his name...Dad has been GeeGee, Gandy and now Grandy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some of our favorite Americans...

Here are a few pictures from this summer with the Americans we love. "Aunt" Bex lives and serves here daily with us. Sarah was a STINT here until the end of '09 and came back to visit for 3 weeks. We miss her daily and loved sharing life with her again. We pray for you sweet "Aunt" Sarah. Jack adopted these two gals as his aunts when we moved a year ago. They will always be family, no matter where we live!
The interns this summer were incredible. These 8 were selfless, giving, willing, positive and godly men and women who loved the kids...everyday, every moment. They made our summer fantastic! I am so thankful for each of them and I will treasure how much they gave to our kids...including Jack. He started saying "Noapte Buna girlfriends!" as he went to bed every Sunday to them...he loved them too:)

Hugs all around

The other day Jack and I went up to the waterpark to swim with our kids. As we were getting ready to leave, Jack decided to give them all a hug goodbye. They were all thrilled to have a Jack-hug! He just couldn't get enough of it either:) It's fun to capture sweet memories like this on film...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eating 2 cupcakes

I have to laugh as I write this blog because today we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday at the plateau (park) with some of our kids. We picked the Thomas the tank engine theme since Jack loves trains and there is a Thomas train at the park in TM that you can ride, of all places! We spent all week trying to figure out how to build a Thomas cake big enough to feed everyone, pick a time and date that would work for kids' schedules and not the end, we ended up baking 50+ cupcakes, moving the date and time the day of, and it rained 20 minutes into the party! But all was well because all Jack really cared about was going to his party and eating cupcakes...2 to be exact! He didn't want to open gifts. He didn't mind the huge storm and winds blowing dirt everywhere. He didn't mind the many Romanians fleeing the park as the storm came. He didn't mind that he didn't get to run around and play. He didn't mind that we didn't ride the train...and he didn't mind the heavy rain...all he wanted was to eat his 2 cupcakes! After we ran from the park we went back to the houses to play games and sing songs. It was a wonderful, rainy night that I will always treasure. I am thankful to Aunt Sarah and Aunt Bex for helping up pull all of it off...even the 22 minute 2nd birthday party!
Yeah! I am 2!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Momo

Praying for our sweet Momo...she turns 82 tomorrow...or as she says 39! She is one of the most precious women I have ever met and been privileged to love and call family. She is Jeff's Grandma. In her 82 years she has left a tremendous legacy of family and friends who love the Lord because of the life she and Grandpa lived. She defines love...humble, patient, eager to love, generous with her time, a servant, kind, giving of her sweet spirit, and woman who cherishes her deep relationship with the Lord her God. Although she is ready to go home and see her Savior and dear Grandpa, we will all strive to continue her legacy and miss her sooooo. In the 10 years of being a part of the family, I have rarely seen her rest. She is always chasing grandchildren and great-grandchildren, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and making sure we all have plenty of everything! She is always ready with a hug, a kiss and many, many blessings. Her gentle eyes let you know how much you are loved. When He does call her home, we know she will be at peace. In the meantime, every moment, every skype, every hug is a gift that we cherish. Every song we sing together, every prayer overheard, every night of sharing comfort, every meal a gift. Tomorrow is her birthday and we celebrate her life. She is an incredible woman and we are thankful to have her as our Momo. Happy Birthday Momo! With love from Romania....Jeff, Jen and your Jack Edgar