Thursday, March 26, 2009


On Wednesday night, after we finished dinner and just before Jack's bedtime, we watched the sunset outside our home. The air was cool and crisp just after the rain and everything looked so green. I called it a Colorado evening, Jeff said it was like Alaska! It was special to have my boys to enjoy such a peaceful night.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So many friends, not enough time!

The boys from Life group: Yes, Jack is trying to steal Tristan taggies blanket - so sorry Tristan!! It was a miracle to get all four boys (Parker couldn't come) to sit in one place and stay there! We can't wait to add baby Huston to the mix..any day now!

Jack is hanging with his girlfriends Reese and Lainey while Jamie, Anna and I got to visit at the play area at the Galleria. I love this pick of them all lined up and ready to go!

And of course we love getting to see cousins Paige and Connor. It is always fun to get together so Elizabeth and I can chat and watch them play.

Happy 5 Years!

This is a special year - it marks 10 years since we met and started dating and 5 years ago we were married. March 6, 2004 was one of the best days of my life because God lent me Jeff to be my husband to love, honor, and cherish.
I cannot believe we have been married for 5 years. What an incredible time it has been - full of adventure, job changes, a sweet baby boy, travels and trips with friends, Settlers games, funny stories...and so much love and laughter. I am so blessed to have Jeff as my husband - he is a Godly man who loves the Lord, his family and those around him. He loves to laugh and play, and can lighten up a room. He is a great leader to our family and treasures time with our dear son Jack. He is same no matter who he is with - what a rare thing these days! Thank you babe for all of the memories...and to 50 more 5 year anniversaries!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh the Luck of the Irish! We had a great day. It started out with a trip the Jack's doctor to find out he had a cold and his very first ear infection - but you'd never know he was sick. He had a smile on his face the entire time. I am so thankful he is such a happy boy. Then Wynne, Jeff's mom took us to eat lunch at the Northpark Mall Nordstrom's Bistro to enjoy a delicious meal and breadpudding...what a treat! We had a ball spending the day together.

Jack is trying really hard to eat the cookie Wynne gave him.
Daddy got to enjoy it for him!

Watch out, here I come

Right now Jack is learning to crawl. He can wiggle all over the place, and pull up his knees and rock, but he hasn't moved too far just yet. Jeff and I baby -proofed the house a little bit thinking it will happen anyday now. It is so much fun to watch him learn to use his hands, his fingers, his legs and put it all together.


Jack is almost 8 months old and has 6 teeth! He loves his exersaucer and plays in it every morning. In fact, he loves to growl at all of the toys...very loudly! Even though I love hearing him talk, I am thankful we have air conditioning and can keep the windows shut :)

Granddaddy's Birthday Fun

It was such a fun brithday weekend with my family. Laura came into town and she, Amy and I spent all day Saturday shopping, running around town and hanging out. Then Sunday we had lunch with my parents and my dad's parents for my dad's official birthday party. One of the sweetest parts was one of his gifts from my mom - a baby swing. Once he found out he was going to be a grandfather he started picking out which trees would be the BEST spot for a baby swing. Jack is finally big enough to enjoy it - and enjoy it he did. Dad got it all hooked up and spent that afternoon watching him swing. It was such a sweet time with my family and I am so grateful the Lord has blessed all of us with another year together.

Happy Birthday Dad (Granddaddy!)

We love you!