Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday month...part 1!

This month is full of family birthdays...Aunt Laura, Aunt Amy, Cousin Paige, Aunt Peg, Cousin Alaina and then Jack's! Here are a few pics from the celebrations so far!
Paige's Cupcake party

Lunch with Aunt Amy
We didn't get to spend time with Aunt Laura on her birthday, but this pic is a favorite of mine taken from our trip to Colorado. We find out if Cousin Rosinski is a boy or girl in just 4 days!! We love you and miss you Aunt Laura!

My 1st Haircut

Pre cut pics...shaggy boy!
Hmmmm...kind of like it!

Watching her every move!
All done!

Aquarium Day

Jeff finally got to "redeem" his Father's Day present...a trip to the Aquarium with Jack. Jack loved it. Of course, we went on a Friday which is field trip day for all the kids!! We still aren't sure what Jack loved more, watching the kids or watching the fish. Regardless, it was a sweet time just us!
So big!
This was a favorite, getting to see the sting-rays and turtles up close. We 'sat' there for a good 30 minutes just watching and talking to them!

And who wouldn't want to play with all of the fun leaves in the rainforest...

Me and my daddy...Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 4th of July from Colorado!

Jack and I flew to Colorado for a family wedding with my mom, Nana, and sisters. Jack did so well on his first airplane ride. He was thrilled to entertain the crowd of people on the plane! We flew up early to visit family and spend a day in beautiful Breckenridge! Here are a few of our pics..
His first taste of real vanilla ice cream....not so sure about that Yaya!! After a few bites, he was begging for it!

We got to meet up with Jeff's cousin Chris and his wife Michelle and almost 4 year old daughter Hannah. Even though they live only an hour away, it was fun to share a meal together in Colorado!

After the rehearsal dinner and a day in the sun. What a ladies' man!

After a few hours at the wedding reception, Jack decided to sport his All-American pjs!

The morning of the 4th we drove to Monument for a traditional parade full of fun floats, music, mountain men, name it! Jack loved it, especially the pinwheel he played with!

In honor of Uncle Sam we had to try to take a picture with his you can see the sparkles on the hat were way too interesting to wear...we had to play with them, eat them, and make the glitter go everywhere!

Dancing at the reception with Granddaddy..and having a ball!

After brunch on Sunday we drove to Nana and Grandy's old church in Colorado Springs. It is a beautiful old Episcopal church right in the heart of downtown. Our Grandy was a Reverend and served at this church before he passed away. This is a picture in front of 'his' garden in the church yard and below is Jack sitting on 'his' bench. We love you and miss you 'dear-old Grandy!'

The trip was wonderful! Jack got to meet special family, sweet friends, see the mountains, play in the pool, enjoy a parade, eat great food, stay in a hotel and of course ride in an airplane! However, the one part that would have made the trip even better would have been to have daddy with us. He stayed back to spend time with his family and to celebrate Cousin Connor's 4th birthday, but we missed him terribly! Just wish I had a picture of Jack when he got to see Jeff when we got off the plane...but I guess that one will be stored away in my memory :)