Monday, September 20, 2010

Random, Funny Jack

Just some fun pictures for you, dear grandparents:)
We love you and miss you!

Two Elephants!

The Circus came to town! We were driving past the mall in town (next to the wonderful fertilizer plant you can see in the background) and noticed the big top tent and elephants grazing in the grass. We had to stop! Jack was so excited to see "real elephants moving!" He could not stop talking about how the two elephants were moving with their feet and eating with their trunks. His Aunt Amy would be proud! He loved them so much we went back the next day and brought Bela with us to see them. They were very friendly (behind the electric fence of course) and "kissed" our hands...notice the lovely dirt left behind:) Jack was thrilled! Hopefully we will get to see the circus this week with some of the younger kids.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Life

Here are some random snapshots from the past few weeks:
Walking to church, playtime at the houses, MamaDina feeding Jack "soupa" while he plays the guitar with Geza, building "sandcastles" in the den, playing on the slide at the park down the street (you can see part of the citate/fortress behind it), watching the Thomas train at the big park, playing with Laura (his sweet babysitter), reading book all by himself, footprints, movie nights with the kids, playing in the yard with the hose, and climbing the ladders like the firemen! Just of few memories that make me smile...more to come.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kisses for Mommy

I wish I could bottle this moment and keep it forever!
I love my baby boy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clap your hands together...

Just before bedtime Jack always gets a bit silly. This is Jack loving to be tickled, asking "to see Jack" on the video recording and then singing the "Clap your hands together" song. Fun memory we wanted to share:)

Flowers for Mommy

Just before I came home from the Black Sea, Jack and Jeff planted pretty red flowers in my planter. Jack did it "all by himself!" He was so proud to show them off when I came back. They are beautiful! I love them so much because it reminds me everytime I look at them of my boys:) Thank you Daddy and Peanut!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Aunt Betty Jo

Sweet Aunt Betty Jo's funeral was today. She is my dad's aunt who lived in Bryan all of her life. She was a precious woman who gave her heart in everything she did. She loved the Lord and she loved her family. I wasn't a grandchild, but she always treated us as her own. We spent many, many weekends, evenings, holidays and celebrations with Aunt Betty Jo and Uncle Jack. In fact, the first time Jeff met my family was with EVERYONE at their house just before an Aggie game. She battled lung cancer this past year and now she is at home with the Lord. We will miss her so very much. I am terribly sad that I wasn't able to be there today, but I am thankful I got to visit with her in April while we were home. I can't imagine going to Aggieland and not being able to see our beloved Aunt Betty Jo. But I know that she is pain free and worshipping her Savior.

Casa Rebecca at the Black Sea

Here are a FEW pictures of my trip to the Black Sea with Casa Rebecca. Sorry that these are most of just me and the kids...there are many, many more great pictures of just the kids on the livada blog at I just didn't want to duplicate too many! We had a wonderful time. It was relaxing just to hang with the kids. I missed my boys terribly, but it was a nice change to play and talk with the kids undistracted, especially the girls. It reminded me so much of our many family vacations to Galveston...playing Phase 10 and Sorry, reading, collecting sea shells, wading in the water, racing the waves, watching movies late at night, taking walks down the coastline, going into town to see the sights, posing for pictures, and having those great conversations that are often interrupted back home. I especially treasured all the time with the girls.

Here is a run down of the pictures: me and Jack the night before I left, the drive through the mountains, kids running into the ocean when we first arrived, night out on the town, white shirt day, a final picture with Kati and Krisztina whom I had at camp the first time in 2003, and then the last group shot looking at God's wonderful creation! Thanks for praying for us while we were away. Please keep Jeff and the kids and staff from Casa AnaNadia as they are there now:)