Sunday, July 6, 2008

9 months of Pregnancy ...5 weeks to go and counting!

Our most current "family" photo taken on the 4th of July at Cousin Connor's 3rd birthday party in McKinney. We are five weeks away and counting. Next week we will get to have another sonogram - we are eager to see how big he is now.

I couldn't resist this picture taken on Father's Day with Unlce Bo. He was patiently waiting for the baby to kick. It was a sweet time to spend with Jeff, my dad and siblings. It was especially neat for Jeff and I to celebrate our first "real" mother's/father's day this year. We can't wait for this little blessing to arrive!

Holy Cow! Where did this tummy come from? In June, Jeff and I went to Vail, Colorado with my mom and Nana to get away and into the cool air for a bit. It was so nice to relax and get out of the Texas heat!

Monica & Randy helped host a couples shower with tons of food, friends, and silly games that made us all laugh.

We took a trip up to Missouri to visit Pat & Patty - and to see the beautiful crib Pat made for us, all by hand. It is outstanding!! We couldn't get over how much love they poured into it! It is certainly a treasure. Pat also gave Jeff his own diaper bag - really a tool bag - but a bit more manly than the ones I have!

Both Frankford and Haggard threw us a baby shower at school - it was fun to celebrate with our dear friends at school! At Jeff's school, the front office staff even wrote lovely messages on a whole bunch of newborn diapers...making the changing process even more fun in the days to come!

Daddy assembling the first big baby gifts - the stroller and the pack & play! We ended up having the whole family help us - How many Aggies does it take...

Our first Baby Shower - it was so much fun! My sisters and sweet sister in law helped host - it was wonderful to have so much family and my mom's dear friends.

It's a boy! In March we had family and friends over to celebrate the news that we were having a little boy - due August 12, 2008. He was measuring 2 weeks ahead - so who knows when he'll make his debut! Daddy was thrilled! We are about 20 weeks along.

Telling the news to my mom and dad - we were 7 weeks along - it made for a wonderful Christmas! We got to share the news with all of Jeff's family that week as well. This little one will not be lacking in love!!!

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