Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

So many fun memories were made this Christmas. What a joy it was to have Jack...and to see Christmas through the eyes of a baby! The tree lights, ornaments, tissue paper, and grins from all us just made him giggle. Most of all it was incredible to get to imagine on an all new level what Mary must have gone through as she gave birth to our precious Savior. I love Christmas!!
Jack's first set of drums from Yaya and Granddaddy! Maybe they should stay at their house:)

Oh the joy of unwrapping gifts! Paper, bags, tissue everywhere!

He loved being in the middle of it all in his bumbo!

The joy of a simply doesn't squeak, light up, make sounds, move...just a block!
He hasn't kept it out of his mouth yet.

Santa's gift of the exersaucer...he loves it so much! He's learning to use all the buttons and spin gives me a chance to do the laundry:)

Christmas with Jeff's mom's family
Christmas with my family

Christmas with Jeff's dad's family

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