Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Romania Update and the Texas Bluebonnets

Many of you have asked how our plans are coming towards our move to Romania. We are still going! We relaunched our fundraising part of our journey at the end of January and are still in full swing. We visited our life groups at church all of February and March and recently took a road trip to San Antonio to speak with several churches and friends there. We have mailed off many letters and are mailing off more this week. It has been so incredible to see how the Lord moves in mighty ways when you are faithful to His calling. We still have a bit to go as far as support, but we have been encouraged daily by those who have paused to pray for us, stangers who have sowed into the ministry, and the friends and family who speak encouragement into our lives daily. We love the children we are going to work with and can't wait to get there. Much will be missed stateside, we know, but we trust that He is good. We have a busy spring and summer ahead of us. We continue to pray that God will move us before the school year begins in 2009. Thank you for your loving prayers!
These pictures were taken on the way home from our trip to San Antonio last weekend. It was quite windy and Jack's first time in the bluebonnets!

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