Friday, July 30, 2010

Jack's birthday morning

Today Jack is 2 years old! Or as he would say when asked how old he is..."2 much!" This morning Daddy made special birthday "pan-cakes" since we aren't having a real birthday cake today. Jack was so excited to help mix up the 2 batches of batter, watch daddy cook his 2 pancakes, and then blow out the 2 candles as we sang Happy Birthday...2 times. Check out the video in the previous entry. Daddy even made 2 Mickey Mouse pancakes, one with "chocolate..ummm...good..yessss" and one with "Booberries!" Jack's favorites.

 After playing around the house this morning, we took Jack to eat at the only restaurant in town we can take him, McDonald's. The picture below is Jack showing off his numb tongue after eating a cup of ice. This afternoon we will head to the park...and then next week once camp is over we will have a birthday party with all of the kids. Happy Birthday Jack! You are my little peanut and sweet baby boy. I love you so much....the day you were born was a day we will never area true gift from the Lord! You fill us with laughter, joy, and amazement each day as you learn and grow. I am so proud to be your mommy!

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