Friday, October 1, 2010

A Night at the Circus!

Last weekend we got to go see the animals at the circus. Jack LOVED it! On the way there he was walking beside me and said, "Mommy, I'm so e-cited to see the zebras!" But by the time we got into the arena, he couldn't stop aksing to see the elephants! He loves his animals. Then yesterday we picked up a package from the post office from Yaya and Grandy...and inside were some of the toy animals Jack had seen, including the zebra. I cannot tell you the joy on his face! What fun timing!

We took one of the little girls to see the cicus last year, but this year we decided to just go as a family. This year's was much better. They had the girl swinging high in the sky, a sea lion balancing a beach ball, the parade of big animals, the elephants, a German man playing the bottles (Jack loved that act!), the reptile exhibit, and of course the silly clowns. What a fun night! "ecited!"
 The parade of big animals...I wish I took pics of the sea lion and reptiles...pretty funny. My battery was dying and we weren't really allowed to take pics...I just snuck these in:)
 The elephants...Jack's favorite! They were so sweet all week to entertain crowds outside everyday.
 Sneaking more pictures...Romanians are funny about allowing people to take pictures...
 Jack trying to see the animals and the clowns cleaning up afterwards...
This is Jack trying to figure out which animal was his favorite after we got back home...
I think it wore him out!

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