Monday, November 1, 2010

Wine Festival

This month we went to the Wine Festival at the citate (fortress) just down the street from our house. I will miss not getting to walk to the town festivals! During the month of October many people harvest their grapes and turn them into wine or cider. It was fun to see everyone out celebrating. Although the image of Lucy and Ethel "smashing grapes" comes to mind, there was no actual smashing. Just a lot of folks out selling their homemade crafts, food, wine, listening to hestitage music and dance, enjoying pony rides, and watching the Romanian version of a Medieval joust. It was a great family afternoon!

 Jack checking out the ponies. He was still too young to ride, but we got to pet them!

 Watching kids dance and sing to old Romanian music. Then Jack got a picture with the pretty girls!

 Watching the sun set on our fun afternoon together
 Last year for Christmas we sent home handmade wooden crosses and spoons to Jack's grandparents made by the sweet old man. This year I had to get a picture with him. Gotta love his eyebrows...he does, too!
 These wooden scupltures are all around the citate. Love how they use materials from around and make them beautiful! The flowers here are to die for. I wish I had a green thumb:)
My first pumpkin sighting! Yeah! Too bad they had this harvest scene roped off...gotta love it:)
Oh, and the Medieval scene. They didn't really joust...instead they took their swords and held them up over their heads near the big bonfire, then stuck them in the dirt and grunted...all while they played music from the movie Gladiator...too funny!

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