Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

 In the morning Jack helped me make our Valentine's Banana Bread breakfast in the shape of a heart. He loved adding the pink and red sprinkles and then dancing as it cooked! This was his first "cake" of the day!

This is a hnadshake Old Pa (Jack's great-great-grandfather) taught me when I was little. He thinks it is hilarious!

Then Jack and I headed to the mall to play in the indoor playroom that has a trampoline and a slide that lands in a very fun little ball pit. However, after waiting for 45 minutes for it to open, we headed to the food court and shared a tiramisu cake with Eniko. Jack dove in before I could even snap a picture! is would be Jack's second "cake" of the day! He was loving it as you can imagine! He bounced off all that energy as the playrom opened just in time before his nap.

 When we got hom he practiced the hahandshake as well as saying Happy Valentine's Day and I love you just before going down for a nap...

Then after naptime we all headed over to a new little cafe in the center where we took the kids out for a special Valentine's Day treat. They could pick anything they wanted from the counter and they loved being a little grown up today.
Levi at the counter picking his treat
Ibi, Bex, Laura, me and Daniela
 Jack enjoying his third "cake" with the kids!
Sergiu, Janos, Fanel with Julie and Ovi (educators)
 Siblings: Zsofia, Kati and Levi 
 Jack helping daddy eat...that would be his fourth, yes fourth part of a cake!
 Yes,e are in Romania, not NYC! Such a cute little place.
Some of our older girls: Eni, Kati and Zsofia

Happy Valetine's with my first love:)
 And...noapte buna from our little Valentine showing off his "little" feet!
Happy Valentine's Day from Romania with love!! XOXOXO

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