Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 1 month! Pictures from August...

August flew by so fast - it seemed like such a blur. We brought him home on Friday, August 1st and before we knew it we were celebrating his one month birthday- hence the ducky cake from his Yaya! Some of our favorite memories..
~Our first bathtime - he screemed the whole time...we tried the bathroom next and it was a better success!
~ Going to the doctor's offices every week - not so fun!
~Having Yaya and Memaw spend the night to help take care of Jack
~Watching the opening of the Olympics at Yaya and Granddaddy's house - our first time out
~Dear friends from church bringing us dinner and stopping by to visit
~Lots of visits from family - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents
~I went to eat without him at lunch for the first time
~Visiting Haggard and Frankford to see the teachers before the kids arrived
~Going to the Ranger game in style for Chris's Birthday - in the box!
~Jack had his first bottle - given by daddy- he did great!
~He lifts his head so strongly at tummy time
~Cuddling on the couch and watching him for hours!

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