Monday, October 13, 2008

Jack's Big Day

On Sunday Jack took part in our church's 'Baby Dedication/Parent Commissioning.' It's a special time where our church as a body prays for the parents as they bring their children up to know the Lord. We can all use more prayers, right!! They asked us to share a scripture or the significance of the baby's name - so we chose to tell about his wonderful name and how we pray he grows to be like his namesake. You can read more about Grandpa from an earlier entry;) Then afterwards we went to Grimaldi's in Allen - a fun pizza bistro with my parents 'Yaya & Granddaddy,' Nana, Aunt Amy, Aunt Mary & Uncle Bo, Jeff's parents 'Memaw & Pepaw,' Aunt Peg and Momo. It is really special to have my dearest friend Monica join us for the festivities...she is always there like a sister. It was a sweet time to be together and to share it with people who mean so much to us. On a funny note...Jack was much more interested on watching the pizza being made than eating himself...and yes, we did have to change his of many outfits of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny, first of all your precious son looks like a little man in that picture! How cute and what a special day of dedication and family! 2nd I LOVE the pumpkin pics! I have a pumpkin costume for Elaine for haloween, I'll post it when we get pics. I love keeping up with you and your family on your blog. Love, j