Monday, December 20, 2010

Let it Snow!

It has been snowing everyday here for 2 weeks...until yesterday! They predict that it will get up to the 40s here today, so sadly all this beautiful snow will be gone, just in time for Christmas! Here are a few pictures from our sunshine snow days!

Jack loved being pulled all over the yard by Jeff on his sled. He begged to do it over and over again.
Too bad he had to come in...his little cheeks were frozen!
 Playing soccer in the snow
 On Sunday we dropped off a movie for the kids to watch at the houses. They came running out to have a snowball fight. We had a great time and Jack couldn't get enough! He fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute ride home!

 Levi and his giant snowball
 Throwing snowballs at the girls in the windows...
Anna, Dita and Kiki ducking out of the way...and throwing them back!

Jack singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow!"

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