Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas: Friday

On Friday we dropped off a gift by Laura's house, Jack's babysitter and "big sister." He affectionately refers to her as "Mista Wawa." We are so thankful to have her in our lives! Her brother, Paul, is one of the educators at Casa AnaNadia.  
 Jack loved playing with their bunny rabbit and kitty cat!
 Jack gave Mista Wawa a framed picture of them at their church Christmas concert. Laura can sing like an angel. We loved watching her sing, especially Jack.She can also play the trumpet...and Jack loved getting to "play" it afterwards.  So precious!

 That night we took Jack with us and the AnaNadia kids caroling, a Romanian tradition. Jack and I tagged along to two houses. He loved it!

 Playing under the tree with Daniela
 Doina gave Jack a cup a Fanta just his size...then he decided to dance off all the sugar!
 Jeff singing with the boys outside of Vio's house
 Jack and I came home just in time for Grandy to read us the "Night Before Christmas" book..a tradition in my family. Since Jeff couldn't be there, it was special to have my dad read it! What would we do without skype!!
 He loves this book!
Afterwards, Jack decided to recite the book back to us. It was a special moment with mom, dad and I! Then we talked about how important tomorrow was in the celebration of Jesus' birth...and off to bed he went. I had a bit more wrapping to do to get ready for Christmas morning!

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