Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All the pretty lights!

Right before Christmas we took the kids into the center to look at the lights on the tree and enjoy a treat at McDonald's. It was very, very cold but the snow was beautiful! We took lots and lots of pictures by the snowmen, the tree and of course we took a ride on Santa's sleigh! It was a wonderful winter night!
Levi - this is one of my favorites...see the resemblance:)
Jack, Sarah, Zorro and I on Santa's sleigh. Jack loved saying "harse" as we jingled all the way!

Julie, Fanel, Ibi, Daniela, Paul, Sergiu, Jack and I with Santa Claus! HO, HO HO! This is Jack's yearly Santa picture. Another night we tried to take Jack to see Santa, but he must have had to take a last minute trip to the North Pole because he didn't show up!

Bunches of us!

All of us together. It was a sweet time to have Angela (she was a stint here a few years ago), Sarah (a stint who just moved back to the states a few weeks ago), Rebecca and us together with the kids and educators. Wonderful memories!

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