Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jack and GusGus

Last fall, just after we moved, our neighbor's cat had a bunch of kittens. One of Jack's favorite things to do when he was just learning to talk was to go over to our front window and talk to the "kit-kats!" Now those cats had we have even more to talk to! The litter had 3 striped kittens and one that is mostly black. That one is full of courage and loves letting Jack love on him. She we named him GusGus from the sweet mouse on Cinderella. GusGus is Jack's new best friend. You can see the first time Jack met him, to playing with him in the yard, "feeding" him grapes, to watching them catch a mouse! Kind of ironic with the name and all....anyway, Jack loves GusGus. He even prays for him at night.
Please keep Jeff and Jack (and GusGus) in your prayers as I will be gone with the kids to the Black Sea this week. Then as soon as I come home, Jeff leaves with the other kids. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and good time with our kids! Blessings!

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