Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some of our favorite Americans...

Here are a few pictures from this summer with the Americans we love. "Aunt" Bex lives and serves here daily with us. Sarah was a STINT here until the end of '09 and came back to visit for 3 weeks. We miss her daily and loved sharing life with her again. We pray for you sweet "Aunt" Sarah. Jack adopted these two gals as his aunts when we moved a year ago. They will always be family, no matter where we live!
The interns this summer were incredible. These 8 were selfless, giving, willing, positive and godly men and women who loved the kids...everyday, every moment. They made our summer fantastic! I am so thankful for each of them and I will treasure how much they gave to our kids...including Jack. He started saying "Noapte Buna girlfriends!" as he went to bed every Sunday to them...he loved them too:)

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