Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorites from Christmas day with the kids

After Christmas morning at our house, we went to the kids houses. It was a cold rainy morning so Jack dressed up in his Christmas pjs, Santa suit and his fireman rain coat and boots. He loved being Santa Claus!
 Waking the kids up
 Sergiu, where are you?
 family pic...notice the boots
sisters Ibi, Laura, and Marga trying on their new church clothes...precious girls
 the babies of the foundation...jack and daniela

with all the kids from Casa AnaNadia
 jeff and most of the Casa AnaNadia boys: Sergiu, Fanel, Daniel and Janos
 Now doing Christmas morning at Casa Rebecca...they were already up and dressed!
 Anna and Jack
 Jack and Ema (Emese). Jack had to stand next to us when we took pics with the kids
 The girls showing off their 'cowboy' boots
 Jeff and Stefan.. we have been taking this pose for 5 years:)
 stealing the kids candy canes out of their stockings...
 playing with Krisztina
 with the CasaRebecca kids
 Next stop: apartment boys...Adi, Marian and Cornel
 playing cars with Adi
 jack got a few cars from Santa while the boys opened their gifts
 that night the kids were in a program at church
 jack went as rudolph to show his support!
Merry Christmas from our family and kids to yours!

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