Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Jeff! Jeff turned the big 3-4 on Jan 13. We had a great day, apart from the electrician showing up to tell us he'd cut our electricity on Friday for a $3 unpaid bill from when we were in America that we didn't know about...gotta love life! Anyway, Daddy got to sleep in while Jack and I made his favorite blueberry coffee cake. Check out Jack stirring while riding his car...
 Then when Daddy woke up, Jack helped him open his presents...a shirt from Memaw and a Hungarian handmade wooden pipe from us. He doesn't smoke pipes, but was a cool find at the Hungarian store in town!
 The day before Jack made him a painting with his Daddy's favorite color
 Jack of course had to help Daddy blow out his birthday candles...
 After Jack's nap, we had a party at the houses for Jeff. The kids and staff helped decorate and we ejoyed ice cream together...
 Jack talking to GusGus through the window. Jack was telling him abou Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
When Jeff and Jack walked in the door, the kids started singing La Multi Ani, the birthday song. However, Jack thought it was for him! So fun!

 Singing the song...its tradition to stand in a line and least it is at the houses!
 Us with the kids who wanted to be in the picture:)
 Gabi, Cerasela, and Marianna...some of the house staff. Gabi even made a special trip to our home that morning to bring Jeff a delicious chocolate cake...thanks was so yummy!!
 Some of the girls were sweet to take pics with Jeff. This is with Marga.
 Jack eating a HUGE bite of ice cream while I'm not looking:) Jeff with Krisztina.

 Jeff with Daniela and Ibi. It was a great day! That night we can home and played with Jack. Then on Friday night we had a date. The movie showing in town (the only show in town) was "Life as we know it" and it was pretty good. Made us long to go home and hold Jack! Then we grabbed a bite to eat at the Dublin Pub down the street. We had a great time, Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!

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