Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Free Time

We have been blessed this summer with some time of rest. Kelly's home has been our B&B where between shifts at day camp, sports camp, or baby visits, we've had time to rest, catch our breath and of course email. This past weekend we went with a team from the States to Sigisoara, a nearby town with a medieval fortress at its center. The highlight is climbing the tower and then eating in the Dracula restaurant. Since we had hiked it the last time we were here, we strolled around the little cobbled stone fort and looked in the little gift shops and at the artist tables set up to display their fine works while we waited to eat our medieval lunch. Vlad (Dracula) and all kinds of figurines, stautes, paintings, t-shirts of him are very popular here.
After lunch we made our way to see Camp Vetsca. On our way we came across a hilarious site for Romania - a limo pasing the horse and buggie. This is one of those one in a million shots and a very rare site! After a drive through the beautiful countryside and through a small village, we came upon the camp. It is just beautiful! The hillside is green and a perfect spot for a camp for kids. The camp directors set up military tents for sleeping and Livada has had a few construction teams come in to build the kitchen and bathrooms. It is rough - but its camping! The kids are loving it - and we can't wait to be there.
Later that evening we enjoyed a cookout with the teams that were in town, the interns, and the staff. We ate hot dogs from the hot dog stands that were given to the Foundation and we gathered to sing, pray and share what God was showing us through our experiences. We was a nice time to worship the Lord together in the same language - English!! Sunday we went to church, ran a few errands, and came home for some R&R while Kelly caught up on her paperwork. It was lovely and perfect timing so we could get ready for sports camp! We have been lucky to catch two movies late after camp is over - Die Hard 4 and Oceans 13. They were great entertainment and fun to see Romanian's respond to the American movies. We get a new one each week or two and they show at select times throughout the day. So this is a bonus that they were actually two movies that are current and that none of us had seen. In the other nooks and crannies of our days we have gone to many grocery type stores, Costco type stores looking for odds and ends to help Kelly with the teams in town and camp needs. They are very clean, and a lot like our stores at home. But, they do have a few things that we don't often see - like full sheep in the meat section - including the eyes! The milk is bought in paper cartons from the non-refrigerated shelves - but that's the way they do it! They do have a lot of the same brands we have like Coke, Dove soap, and Dannon yougurt! Random. Sorry - no pictures allowed in the stores!

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Sharee Forman said...

I'm so thankful for your faithful posts and so much detail this time of what yall have been up to. We miss you so much and are happy to see you having such a great time!!!!