Thursday, July 5, 2007

Group Home Day Camp

As soon as we arrived we jumped right into Day Camp with the Group Home kids from Casa Rebecca, Casa Ana and Ca
sa Nadia. The day camp team from Illinios kindly let us join them for the week of "Running The Race." We spent the mornings with the younger kids and the afternoons with the kids who are 12 and older. To go with the theme, we spent time memorizing scripture, sharing stories of perserverance from Joshua, Daniel and Ruth. They are incredible at memorizing and retaining, even the little ones who can't read! If I can figure out how to post the video clips - you'll see them soon! It was very convicting to say the least.

Another fun part of the Race week was watching challenge scenes from the tv show Survivor and then we recreated some of the challenges (wel, they were some-what similar!). They loved them! Launching water balloons into the parachute was a big hit! We talked about working together as a team and working solo all with the guidance and strength of the Lord as challenges and obstacles come their way. On Wednesday we broke into girls and boys teams to spend some time sharing about what it really means to be a man or woman of the Lord. Then the girls celebrated by dressing up in tiaras, painting their fingernails and putting on neclaces while the guys have a truly macho afternoon and tatooed themselves with markers...It was a hoot!Wednesday was the 4th of July where we celebrate our Independence as Americans. Jeff and I left the day camp a little early to prepare for our All-American cookout for the teams here in town. While we were at the foundation office the Romanian news station came over to interview some Americans living here locally to find out what it was all about and what our big plans were. So we grabbed the flag in the office and stood behind it and smiled for the cameras - it was hilarious! I have no idea if we made the news or not. The best part of the evening was sharing after dinner about what are experiences had been so far and how we have so much to celebrate - being free as Americans, but even better yet being FREE to worship our Lord and Savior. What a blessing it is to be abe to proclaim His wonderful name to all of the people - even the little ones here in Romania! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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Sharee Forman said...

Yeah!! Praise the Lord for so many things!! For you blogging, for being able to comment, for your bags coming in, and for all that you guys are up to!! I'm so happy to see pics of you guys. It looks like yall are having a blast. We're still praying for you friends. Love you!!